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Moira House Exhibition at Eastbourne

Ecotecture have been working alongside our client and liaising with planners, local residents, former teachers and local groups to sympathetically develop a former boarding school known as Moira House. The school closed its doors in August 2020 and was later SOLD to our client, who has a plans to convert the site to a residential scheme while retaining the historical buildings located on-site.

Image above of James Taylor of AndCompany and Jo Saady of Ecotecture.

Our client came to us with the goal of developing the historic buildings into a residential scheme that will preserve their heritage and provide a social hub for the local community. Our intention has been to improve the area by providing a relatively car-free site that tries to encourage the residents to live a more active lifestyle and breed a better sense of community among the prospective residents.

To this end, we have made multiple design scheme iterations, apartment and house plans, and calculations to arrive at a carefully considered scheme that addresses a number of current and future issues that the site could have, ranging from energy consumption to material durability. We at Ecotecture have made every possible effort to put the community at the forefront of our decision-making process through all the stages we have taken to reach our current proposal.

The proposal of 18 houses and 33 apartments has recently been shared with the public for further consultation with local residents on the residential conversion of three original school buildings and new build houses at the former Roedean Moira House School. The scheme has been well received at a public exhibition held during September on the grounds of the former school.


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