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Climate and Conservation’ with Joanna Saady

Listen to our Architect and Historic Buildings specialist Joanna Saady's podcast with the Institute of Historic Building and Conservation (IHBC) that is trying to raise awareness and understanding of how conservation philosophy and practice contributes towards meeting the challenge of climate change.

Episode 2

Climate and Conservation with Joanna Saady

Joanna Saady discusses designing retrofits, digging into the details of insulation, thermal mass, and natural materials, and why understanding the building and applying appropriate measures is so important.

Brief Profile

Joanna Saady is a Chartered Architect, has an MSc in Energy Efficient Building and a PG Certification in Conservation of the Historic Environment. She is also a Full Member of the Institute of Historic Building Conservation. Her firm, Ecotecture, delivers projects including bespoke one-off house designs, house remodelling, large extensions/ retrofits, master planning, small estate planning, community projects, and commercial offices. She performs a range of design solutions in traditional, historic, and contemporary design.

(Excerpt from IHBC website)

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