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Ardingly College Café

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Ardingly College

Project Description

Ardingly College café was an innovative repurposing of an existing curtilage-listed building in Sussex. Ecotecture provided a heritage statement and worked closely with the contractor and client to create a cost-effective building without losing its character.

As the old squash courts had been empty for some time, they were repurposed to provide an inclusive light and airy space for students and staff alike. This involved carefully re-using the original sprung floor and boarded squash court wall to create a swarm and relaxing environment.

The transformed heritage building was then furnished with upcycled tables and chairs, and high-performance windows, doors, and passive solar gain were implemented.

For this project we have completed the RIBA Stages 1-5.

Stage 1 - Preparation & Brief

Stage 2 - Concept Design

Stage 3 - Spatial Coordination

Stage 4 - Technical Design

Stage 5 - Manufacturing and Constructing

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