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Project Type:

New Build


West Sussex

Project Description

This new build design located in Sussex is a replacement dwelling turning the existing 118 square metres bungalow into a 108 square metres two storey home, with 3 bedrooms that is suitable for a small family.

The design applies a slipped block concept to reduce the monolithic form many homes have while the play on materials contextually and visually adheres the design to the area. After inheriting the project which had a previous refusal, the design was cleverly worked through in a way that reduced the impact of the original house that was demolished to enable an achievable scheme to be approved in this sensitive conservation area.

For this project we have completed the RIBA Stages 2-4.

Stage 2 - Concept Design

Stage 3 - Spatial Coordination

Stage 4 - Technical Design

Images courtesy of PSP Homes

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