Title. Low Energy Sports Pavilion
Date. 2007
Location. Sussex
Project Info. Low Energy Sports Pavilion

Ecotecture were appointed on this community project to procure a forward thinking and low energy efficient building.

This winning design is centred on creating an unbroken thermal envelope that encapsulates the structural elements, allowing the building to have a very low air permeability of around 1m3/m2/h. This ensured that the project was thermally efficient and with the insulation layer on the outside of the structure the internal finish far more hard wearing, making it perfect for this type of public building.

In order to allow the building to be comfortable all year round, the building was designed with solar gain in mind with large folding doors towards the south and elevations. These folding doors will work in conjunction with the cantilevered solar shading that covers the timber deck. The building despite its simple design is highly detailed to provide a building that is efficient in nearly every manner.